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T00by t00b!

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13 September 1983
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How about "Mad, bad and dangerous to know"? Oh, no, Lord Byron has that bio, doesn't he? Oh well, in that case you'll have to put up with the one a friend of mine posted on his web-site a while back :


AKA : The Devil Incarnate, Oh no it's him
Anagrams : gerg? regg? Look I haven't got much to work with here
Natural habitat : Thigh-land
Commonly Found : Hell, dark places and other such locales
Commentary : No one can tell you what Greg is, you have to see it for yourself.
An insane, raving loony whose bad taste and incomprehensible psycho babble is only matched by his demented fondness for evil. A conversation with him can take you on a vile, morphine fuelled vomit ridden trip to the gates of damnation itself. Yep, a good friend indeed.
Quotes : "Once the cat and buttered toast have reached an equilibrium..."

The gates of damnation itself

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